EMF Fam, 

Here is the step-by-step process you will need to complete prior to entering Escapade 2021. Please read this extremely carefully, as any non-completed steps could lead to longer wait times or not being allowed into the festival.


Step 1 – Bracelets / Tickets

To ensure proper checks of identification and vaccinations, this year’s festival wristbands will not be mailed out in advance. Every ticket holder will automatically receive a refund for the shipping you paid for your ticket. 

Ticket holders will receive a barcoded ticket by email (1 barcode per ticket ordered) on Monday, August 30th. This will only be sent to the main order holder, so please make sure the main order holder sends your ticket to you in advance. 


Step 2 – Proof of Vaccination

You will need to provide proof of your full vaccination at the festival. This proof must show that you have received 2 doses of a Canadian approved vaccine 14 days or longer prior to the festival. 



There are 2 options for providing your proof of vaccination

Option 1 – Can Immunize App (This option will make your entry to the festival much quicker)

The Gold Standard in vaccination proof uploading, Can Immunize is the vaccination app that is trusted by the City of Ottawa and will make the entire process incredibly smooth for entering the festival. The Can Immunize App lets you sign up and easily upload your proof of vaccination documents in just a few steps. You have control over your data and can choose to remove your documents from the servers at any time after the festival. Escapade Music Festival will not store any of this data. 

This process can be done in advance by downloading the app and uploading your vaccination records and save you time at the box office to give you more time to enjoy the festival! 

Click here for more information on Can Immunize, as well as the detailed process on how to upload your vaccination records.

Option 2 – This will be a longer process to enter the festival 

You will need to bring either the paper copy or PDF copy on your phone of your proof of vaccination. This will vary based on your city, province etc but proof must be provided. The vaccination records must match your ID presented at the festival. Escapade will not store any of your data. 

Both options MUST match your ID which will be requested once you are in line at the festival. You will be denied entry if you vaccination records do not match your ID provided.

For those who have medical reasons for which they cannot get vaccinated, they must follow these steps to be able to enter the festival

  1. Have a doctor’s note indicating your medical reason and advising against getting vaccinated for these reasons. This note will need to be signed by the doctor and presented at the will call to receive your festival wristband (More information in next section).
  2. You will need to do one of the following test procedures
  • Provide a negative PCR test result within 24 hours prior to entering the festival (This will be at your own expense). Most cities now have the option of taking your PCR test for “leisure” purposes at a cost. These must be official lab results.
  • Provide a negative Antigen (Rapid Test) test result every morning prior to entering the festival. (This will be at your own expense). These must be official lab results.
  • Every city offers different options for PCR and Antigen tests, which include Shoppers Drug Mart or local public health testing centers and labs.


Step 3 – COVID Screening form (Each Morning of Festival)

This step must be completed before 12:00pm each day of the festival. Your bracelet will not be activated that day until we receive your covid screening form. This form will be on our website and the link will be sent out prior to the festival.


Step 4 – Entering the Festival

On the day of the festival, you will show up to the Ottawa Baseball Stadium (formerly RCGT Park) at 302 Coventry Road in Ottawa. You will have your barcode ticket, your proof of vaccination (Can Immunize or physical / digital copy) as well as your ID. 

Once in line, you will be asked to scan your ticket and to have your proof of vaccination and ID ready for security check-in. 

You will be asked to show your proof of vaccination alongside your ID to ensure they match, padded down by security and given your festival wristband for that day. This process will be done daily to receive your festival bracelet each day. 

If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reason, please present yourself to our box office where you will be asked to provide your doctor’s note, negative test result, ID, and order information. From there your situation will be assessed to ensure you are eligible to enter the festival. 

** Please note for any of the reasons but not limited to the reasons below, you may not be admitted to the festival and will not receive a refund **

  • You do not have proof of vaccination
  • It has not been 14 days since you have received your second dose
  • Your vaccination records do not match your ID
  • You do not have a valid doctor’s note outlining your medical condition for not being vaccinated
  • You have a valid medical reason with doctor’s note but do not have your negative test result (as per directions above)
  • You have a valid medical reason with doctor’s note but have a positive test result
  • You did not complete the covid screening 
  • You are showing covid symptoms
  • You are actively trying to commit fraud
  • You do not have your ID that matches your vaccination records