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FAQ 2023

General information

What are the dates of the 2023 Escapade Music Festival?

Friday June 23rd, Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th 2023.

Where is the festival located in 2023?

The Escapade Music Festival will be taking place at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa.

What is the age requirement to attend the festival?

The Escapade Music Festival is an event reserved for individuals aged 16 and older ONLY, no exceptions.

Age requirements:
* 16 and over to enter.
* 19+ to consume alcohol, 2 IDs required.
* VIP passes are reserved for persons aged 19 and older.

Each person will be required to show a valid government issued photo ID. Escapade Music Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone under the required age and/or without a valid form of ID (see question below for forms of ID accepted) without refund.

What is the age requirement for VIP passes?

VIP passes are reserved for persons aged 19 and older. Each person will be required to show a valid government issued photo ID. Escapade Music Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone under the required age and/or without a valid form of ID (see question below for forms of ID accepted) without refund.

How will you verify the age of the festival-goers?

Each individual entering the grounds will be required to show a valid government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Medicare, Passport, Student ID with photo and date of birth.) Photos or photocopies of an ID will not be accepted. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. If you wish to consume any alcoholic beverages at the event or have a VIP ticket, please have two (2) valid pieces of identification with you.

How can I get to the festival?

Here are a few ways to make your way to the festival: -OC Transpo (Bus) – If you have your festival bracelet, you can take the OC Transpo services free of charge to Lansdowne Park / TD Place. Check their website to verify schedules and routes. -Drive – Very limited parking on site (we highly recommend not driving, and suggest getting dropped off or walking) -RideShare – Rideshare program pickups and drop offs will be limited to designated areas outside of the festival


Please show your festival wristband as proof of payment for your OC Transpo trip.
– If you are boarding a bus, show your festival pass/ticket to the bus operator.
– If you are taking the bus or the train from a station with ticket machines, please use the video chat option to speak with an agent. They will be able to print a pass which you can scan at the faregate.
Your Escapade ticket will be valid for fare beginning 3 hours prior to the event and up to 3 hours after the event. 
What are the accepted payment methods at the festival?

We accept various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards, debit cards. No cash will be accepted

Will there be security on site?

Yes, there will be security guards on site at all times. You will be able to contact them if there is a problem.

Is there medical at the event?

There sure is! Health & safety at our event is our number 1 priority. Medical tents and roaming teams are in place, be sure to note these locations upon entry to the event or ask event staff for help, if needed.

What can I do to protect my health and safety at the event?

If you are reading this FAQ, you’re off to a great start! Be sure to:

  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
  • Wear sunscreen and dress for the weather
  • Check your local Public Health website for the latest information about communicable illness (i.e. COVID-19)
  • Check your local Public Health website on safe substance use and alcohol consumption
  • Do not bring prohibited items into the event
  • Follow our Fan Code Of Conduct for your and everyone’s safety
  • Keep an eye out for your friends
  • Follow instruction from event staff – they are here to help

If you see something, say something – report safety and security concerns immediately to event security and staff.

What is the Fan Code of Conduct?

Ensuring a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment is central to our mission of hosting successful events. We are committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to have a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience. We ask that your behavior contributes to the overall enjoyment of the event for all attendees, is legally appropriate, and is not offensive or abusive towards others. For your safety and comfort, any unacceptable conduct is subject to expulsion and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

The use of vulgar, threatening, offensive, or abusive language.
Discrimination, bullying, or hate based on religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, abilities, physical appearance, or any other criteria.
Harassment, including unwelcome behavior, unwanted physical contact, or unsolicited sexual advances.
Fighting or any form of violence.
Wearing or displaying offensive clothing, signs, or banners.
Intoxication, consumption of illegal drugs, or any other behavior that impairs faculties.
Throwing objects or engaging in any action that disrupts the smooth running of the event.
Possession of alcohol not purchased within the festival.
Minors in possession of alcohol or supplying alcohol to minors.
Possession of weapons, illegal substances, or any other prohibited items.
Unauthorized access or violation of VIP or other restricted areas.
Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by Escapade Music Festival that may compromise the safety of individuals and property or disrupt the event.

Escapade Music Festival does not tolerate any dangerous or offensive behavior that violates the festivalgoer’s code of conduct. Any violation of this code may result in expulsion from the festival and suspension of access to our events.

We rely on the responsibility of everyone to report any actions that go against the values we uphold. If you witness such behavior, please promptly report it to our management team or festival security.

What time do the festival doors open and close?

Doors will open when the first artist of the day takes the stage and close 30 minutes before the last artist takes the stage. A detailed set time will be available as the festival approaches.

At what time should we arrive ?

The Escapade Music Festival is not responsible for delays in the Festival entrance lines. We therefore recommend arriving several hours early as a precaution. Be prepared for significant delays if you choose to disregard signage and staff. For easier and faster arrival and departure, we encourage you to use public transportation.

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the show must goes on! We therefore recommend that you monitor the weather forecast and dress accordingly to ensure a fun and enjoyable experience at EMF !

Can I leave the festival grounds and come back?

No, once you leave the festival grounds, you cannot re-enter. You can leave anytime you like but you will not be re-admitted.

Will there be water stations?

Yes, there will be multiple water stations throughout the festival

Additional general information

* All sales are final.
* No refunds or exchanges.
* Artists and programming are subject to change without notice.
* Escapade Music Festival is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. It is recommended that you do not bring valuables.
* Schedule is subject to change without notice.

When will I get my bracelet?

Bracelets have begun shipping; you will get a confirmation email when your
order ships.

I have a hard / physical ticket from a promoter, how do I get my bracelet?

You can pick up your bracelet at the box office.

How can I get a VIP table?

For VIP Tables you can inquire to VIP@escapademf.com

 ALLOWED/PROHIBITED items on the site

What items are allowed on the festival grounds?

– Single compartment hydration packs, such as Camelbacks (maximum size 70 oz and must be empty upon arrival). Subject to a security check and discretion.
-Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags not exceeding 12″ x 6″ x 12″.
-One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags, like Ziploc bags or similar.
-Small clutch, and fanny pack bags, approximately the size of a hand, not exceeding 7.5″ x 5″, with or without a handle or strap. Subject to a security check and discretion.
– Point and shoot, non-professional cameras
– Illuminated or glowing jewelry, Kandi masks
– Inflatables
– Flags and Banners
– Prescription medication (you must have the prescription in your name with you)
Unopened sunscreen. Subject to a security check and discretion.
– Water guns (must be empty)
– Small Towels
– GoPro (handheld, head and chest mounts permitted)
– Physician-prescribed medication that is not expired (must show physician’s prescription and consult with security upon entry)
– Earplugs
Unopened lip balm & gloss. Subject to a security check and discretion.
Unopened tampons. Subject to a security check and discretion.
Unopened pack of gum. Subject to a security check and discretion.
– Reusable soft plastic water bottles (maximum size of 32 oz, must be empty upon arrival)

What items are prohibited on the festival grounds?

– No backpacks, purses, or bags (see question below for types of bags allowed.)
– No illegal or illicit substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia.
– No weapons of any kind.
– No outside liquids or food.
– No objects that can be used as projectiles.
– No flammable objects or liquids, including aerosols and fireworks.
– No selfie sticks or camera poles.
– No animals.
– No professional cameras (cameras with detachable lenses).
– No chairs.
– No laser pointers.
– No coolers, thermoses, containers, or bottles.
– No large backpacks/bags.
– No air horns.
– No video cameras or audio recorders.
– No musical instruments.
– No umbrellas, chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, or tents.
– No megaphones.
– No beach balls, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.
– No gang colors or clothing representing criminal activity.
– No bicycles, skateboards, or rollerblades.

All of the above will be subject to a confiscation and will not be returned.

What type of backpack or purse is allowed?

Our 2023 Bag Policy has been updated to reflect policies in place in most major festivals and venues across North America

The following bags are allowed:
– Clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that are no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″.
– One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags, such as Ziploc bags or similar.
– Small clutch, and fanny pack bags that are approximately the size of a hand, not exceeding 7.5″ x 5″, with or without a handle or strap.
– Hydration packs, such as CamelBak bags or similar, with one compartment (maximum size 70 oz. which must be empty upon arrival).

Please also note that all bags are subject to inspection before entering the Escapade Music Festival grounds.

Can I bring a regular backpack or purse?

No, regular backpacks, purses, and similar bags are not allowed into the festival grounds. Festival Bag Check will be available prior to entry.

Can I bring a small clutch or fanny pack bag?

Yes, small clutches, and fanny pack bags that are approximately the size of a hand and do not exceed 7.5″ x 5″ are allowed, regardless of whether they have a handle or strap.

Can I bring a hydration pack?

Hydration packs, including Camelbacks, are permitted as long as they have a capacity of less than 70 ounces and are empty upon arrival. Please note that these will be subject to a security check and discretion.

Will you have a bag check?

Yes, we will offer a bag check service for a fee of $5. The bag check service will be located at Gate 1 of the festival.

Are there any exceptions to the bag policy?

The festival’s bag policy does not mention any exceptions beyond the specific types and sizes of bags listed above. It is recommended to review the policy or contact us for any additional information.

What happens if I bring in an item that is on the prohibited list?

Items will be confiscated and will not be returned. Depending on the item, you may also be denied access to the site, without refund.

Are Totems allowed in the festival?

Hard poles / Flag Poles are not allowed inside the festival, however, Totems are at the discretion of security upon entry.

Are e-cigs and vapes allowed?

Yes, they are allowed. Disposable vapes must be sealed in their original packaging, as well as for reusable vape cartridges. Please review the policy for cannabis as the same rules apply.

Can I bring a reusable water bottle?

Yes, empty reusable soft plastic water bottles are allowed (max 32 oz). Any other type of reusable bottle is subject to confiscation and will not be returned (metal, hard plastic, glass, etc.) These must be empty upon entry and can be filled at our free water stations.

I have a medical prescription. How do I bring it in?

To be admitted, all prescriptions must be in the original containers, properly labeled and matching the holder’s ID card.

Are we allowed cannabis at the festival?

Escapade Music Festival is fully supportive of the government’s decision to legalize cannabis for adults. If you choose to attend the festival in possession of cigarettes, cannabis, or vaping
products, you will be permitted to bring the products onto the festival site in government sealed packages. However, the city of Ottawa bylaws restrict the use of cigarettes, cannabis or vaping products on their public parks and green spaces. Any use of the products listed above will be enforced under city bylaws. Thank you for understanding.


When will the passes go on sale?

The passes will go on sale on January 12th, 2023.

What is the lineup?

The lineup is available on our social media and our website.

How can I buy passes?

The 2023 edition of Escapade Music Festival is sold out. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to purchase passes at this time.

How much do the passes cost?

You can purchase two types of passes for the 3 days.
General Admission passes are starting at $269 + fees and shipping fees.
VIP passes are starting at $389 + fees and shipping fees.

Will the festival sell out?

There is always the possibility that the event will sell out, in which case no more tickets will be sold. So don’t hold off on buying your tickets – we don’t want you to get a case of FOMO!

What's included in the General Admission pass?

General admission pass gains you access to the festival site.

What's included in the VIP pass?

VIP passes give you access to a VIP section, an unobstructed view of the stage, a private bar and VIP restrooms. In addition, with this pass, a dedicated fast lane entry is available.
Alcohol and food are not included.

You must be 19 years of age or older to access the VIP section, no exceptions.

I have purchased several passes for me and my friends. How can I transfer the passes to other attendees?

All wristbands will be mailed to the address provided during checkout. Once they are received, the purchaser can distribute the wristbands to other attendees. 

I purchased passes from a reseller, third party, etc. How can I guarantee that they are legitimate and valid ?

Only passes purchased through Front Gate Tickets, the official ticketing vendor for the Escapade Music Festival, are guaranteed to be valid. We strongly discourage you from purchasing passes from a third party or reseller. We cannot provide assistance, authentication or support for passes purchased through unauthorized third parties. The validation of the pass purchased from a third party can only be validated during the daily scan on the site.

Can I upgrade my GA pass to a VIP pass?

VIP is sold out and therefore upgrades are not available at this time.

I am a local artist and would like to perform at the Escapade Music Festival. How do I go about it?

You can shoot your shot here : info@escapademf.com

What's the refund policy?

Sales are final. We do not offer refunds or exchanges

What does the section and row on my festival pass mean?

This information is for administrative purposes only. There are no rows or sections at the festival.


If I want to volunteer at the event, how do I go about it?

Thank you for your interest in covering EMF 2023. Unfortunately, we must inform you that accreditation requests are now closed and the list is complete.

I am a member of the media. How do I get a media pass?

Thank you for your interest in covering EMF 2023. Unfortunately, we must inform you that accreditation requests are now closed and the list is complete.


General inquiries

For any additional questions:

You can contact us via DM on Instagram here or Facebook Messenger here.

You can also contact us via email at: info@escapademf.com

Partnership inquiries

You can contact us by email at the following address: info@escapademf.com