Music lights the path to escape. It encourages immersion inside of immaterial beauty, brilliance, and bliss—reflective of this world, yet not constrained by its boundaries or borders. 

ILLENIUM unlocks heightened levels of escapism. The Denver-based artist born Nick Miller fashions an otherworldly sonic retreat from elements of ethereal electronic, rich alternative, complex dubstep, intimate indie, and propulsive pop-punk and delivers show-stopping sensory experiences on stage anchored by cinematic visuals and organic instrumentation. 

He magnifies this vision exponentially and opens up like never before on his 2019 third full-length, ASCEND [Astralwerks].

“Music is how I’m able to escape on my own,” he exclaims. “From the moment I started messing around on GarageBand in high school, I realized creativity was another world. Seven years ago, it took over my whole life as a daily meditative thing. It made me feel better about myself. I want to spread that message and share how powerful music is with listeners. The more personal I get, the more I can relate.”