Matt Doe


Canadian DJ and producer Matt Doe is quickly taking the industry by storm with his powerful music and his endless inspiration in the studio. Although his name may be new to the scene, his experience behind the booth is far from amateur.

His main following began in Ottawa with his previous duo “Frathouse”. During his time with Frathouse he had the opportunity to perform at numerous venues such as New City Gas, Beachclub, Circus, ALEA and more. In addition, the duo was able to tour across Eastern Canada and the USA playing at countless venues and music festivals. After the duo split, Matt Doe went by the name of Maradonai. Although this project was going fairly well, he was not inspired by it. He quickly realised that he needed a fresh start with a name that would truly stick in people’s heads. This is when the Matt Doe project came to life.

In February of 2019, Matt Doe released his first EP ‘Tremor’ which took the world by surprise. This EP included one of his biggest hits to date ‘Fire Penguin’. This track got recognition and support from many artists that have inspired his journey in the music industry. Following this release, Matt was featured on Subcarbon with his track ‘LYA’ and soon after on Dim Mak with an official remix of Tisoki & Watgood’s song ‘Relate’.